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Road to Respect: Path to Profit shows you how to attract top employees and gain increased productivity by creating and maintaining a respectful workplace. This book is filled with engaging stories, powerful insights and concrete strategies to ensure your workplace is recognized as an Employer of Choice in today’s highly diverse business climate.


* Paperback: 240 pages

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Road to Respect: Path to Profit

"This easy to read book paints a clear and vivid picture of what the many facets of respect looks like in a thriving organization.  Through numerous ‘respectful practices’ we are not just told, but shown how to move toward a culture where respect is a living core value and success and profitability are the outcomes. It is the “roadmap” to respect and path to profit."

Mike Desjardins


One of Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 Under 40

"Our company recently implemented a Respectful Workplace training program. While researching and developing the program I discovered Erica’s book Road to Respect: Path to Profit. After reading it I realized that the information and guidance contained in the book would provide real value to our organization, so I distributed copies to the entire leadership team. For those organizations committed to building a respectful workplace, Road to Respect: Path to Profit is a must read."

Pauline Johnson

Envirotest Canada


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