Great Workplace Relationships
Great Business Results

"So what's it like to work around here?"

What would your employees say?

Are you willing to risk not knowing the answer?

Disrespectful power based behaviours like bullying and harassment are costing Canadian employers up to $20,000* per employee per year, and causing $300 billion** in lost time and productivity for US employers.

Can you afford that kind of loss?

You might think you would know if disrespect was
 happening in your workplace ...  think again

Bullying and harassment produce disconnected, fear based cultures where employees won't speak up.  And when employees are afraid to speak up, not only are costly problems going on unresolved, but innovative and creative ideas that will enhance your organizational effectiveness are being stifled.


If you want to attract and retain top talent in today's diverse multi-cultural, multi-generational business climate, you should be making purposeful, strategic decisions about how people treat each other in your workplace.

Disrespect is Bad for PEOPLE and  Bad for BUSINESS

I have experienced the destruction and havoc that disrespect causes in a workplace.

My goal is to transform your workplace so that employees are engaged, focused and working together cohesively to achieve successful organizational outcomes - long term sustainability, effectiveness and resilience in today’s highly challenging and diverse business climate.

I provide a full range of customized services and solutions to address workplace disrespect and transform
 your culture to one where respect and success become “the way it is around here.”


Please contact me for an initial complementary consultation.

Ready to start learning about your workplace culture? Take this short quiz. Learn how to spot the signs of a disrespectful, or toxic workplace and what to do about it. Check out our educational resources page for valuable tips and information to support you as you start your journey on the Road to Respect: Path to Profit

Now available as an eBook

"This easy to read book paints a clear and vivid picture of what the many facets of respect look like in a thriving organization.  Through numerous ‘respectful practices’ we are not just told, but shown how to move toward a culture where respect is a living core value and success and profitability are the outcomes.  It is the “roadmap” to respect and path to profit."

Mike Desjardins
One of Business in Vancouver’s
Top 40 Under 40

*Paul McCarthy, BC Business magazine Dec 2006 & June 2007

**International Journal of Business and Social Science

   Vol. 2 No. 3 [Special Issue - January 2011] Featured Writer